Reciprocating Shaking Machine Khan Rack Type
Designed for shaking khan racks, bottles, and flasks of different sizes by adjusting compartments.  

Fitted with heavy duty motor to work on 220 V AC 50 Hz V A single phase.  

The rate of motion is Adjustable mechanically by belt tension.   Speed is fixed in same models to approximately 275 or variable as detailed below.
Size of Carrier                     Strokes per min.              Motor             Body Types
a.  20”x13x4”                                 275                           0.25 HP             Fixed Speed
b. 20”x13”x4”                              150 to 250                   0.25 HP             Covered 
c. 31”x17”x4”                              150 to 250                   0.25 HP             Covered
d.36”x18”x4”                               150 to 250                   0.50 HP             Covered
Optional :-  0- 60 minutes timer.

Rotary Shaker Platform Type
Body made out of thick mild steel sheet finished in stoving enamel paint heavy-duty motors of suitable capacities are provided for long time, continuous operation. Fixed speed and variable speed models are offered.  

Platform provided with rubber discs or wire partitions to hold flasks. To work on 220V AC to 50 Hz single phase.
Platform  Size        Holding Cap         Motor Hp
a. 45x45 cm            25 flasks of 100 ml      0.25
b. 45x45cm             15 Flasks of 250 ml    0.25
c. 55x55cm             25 Flask of 250 ml    0.25
d. 65x65cm             36 flask of 250 ml      0.25
e. 90x90cm             49 flaks of 250 ml      0.25
f. 100x100cm           81 flask of 250 ml     1.00
g. 100x100cm        81 flasks of 500 ml      1.00
Optional :- 0-60 minutes timer. 

Rotary Shaker VDRL Rotator
Carrier size 13"x13" fitted with geared motor with concentric motion along with time switch range 0 to 15 minutes. Operated on 220/230 Volts.
Available on  with timer & without Timer.

Shaking Machine Wrist Action
Heavy cast-iron base with sturdy construction with two side arms for holding flask.  

A heavy-duty fractional motor with variable speed through continuously variable speed controller is provided.  The holders can hold flasks of capacity 100 to 1000 ml.  

Supplied complete with cord & plug etc. to work on 220V AC 50 Hz single phase.  

Speed 80-280 oscillations per minute.
Capacity of Holding.
a.    4 Flasks.
b.    8 Flasks.
c.    12 Flasks.
Optional :- Automatic 0-60 minutes timer 

Vortex Shaker - Cyclo Mixer - Test Tube Shaker
Useful for accelerated mixing of solutions in test tubes, small flasks or centrifugal tubes etc.  

The housing is 150x150 mm.  

The speed is regulated by a speed control device.  Short eccentric stroke motor imparts vigorous agitation to the tubes or flasks.  Body is strong and finished in stoving enamel paint.  

The equipment is workable on 220V AC 50Hz single phase.

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